Industrial Construction

Industrial & Construction

Increasing material and labor costs, along with constant pressure within the marketplace have forced many companies to adjust their overall strategy and change the way they do business.  NILA Logistics offers a comprehensive range of logistic services for the transport and handling of containers, break bulk and project loads.  We are highly versed in the Industrial & construction sector.  We provide a broad scope of multifaceted services, including, but not limited to low cost sourcing of your material.  Whether you are transporting raw industrial materials or heavy machinery our team are always on call.

We transport and handle a wide variety of equipment from specialized Industrial & Construction equipment like:


 Motor Graders

 Vibrating Rollers

 Crawler Tractors

 Agricultural Equipment

 Construction Materials

Industrial Services

 Freight consolidation

 Purchase Order Management

 Multi-Supplier Consolidation

 Parts Order Replacement

 Container Management


  Air Freight / Sea Freight / RORO

  Door to Door / Door to Airport

  Customs Brokerage and Documentation

  End-to-End Visibility

We always determine the optimal way (cost, security, reliability) for shipping your industrial freight:

We offer our clients storage space in our warehouse in Houston with easy access to the Port of Houston from which the cargo can be shipped effortlessly in most locations around the world.


Complete logistic solutions for your industrial cargo flows.